• CMM Equipments up to 2mtr Size with Resolution < 0.03 micron

  • ZOLLER SMILE 420 tool presetter BT40, BT50,HSK63 Holder’s Accuracy: 0.003

  • Auto Guaging Equipments for high volume production part

  • TESTO 925 PROBE SURFACE TYPE K Measuring Range 60deg C to 400deg C

  • Endoscopy – Check internal defect at deep cores Pockets like below 5mm dia holes

  • Trimos Vectra Touch Use to measure thickness, squareness deviation, Depth, Tiny surface diameter and centerline distance

  • Carl Zeiss RONCOM Roundness Testing Machine Measurement Range 360mm, Rotation Precision (0.02+3.2H/10,000) m, Z-axis precision 0.10 m/100 mm

  • ZOLLER SMILE 300 Tool presetter